Veteran Dementia Care Services | Maine Veterans’ Homes

When dementia progresses to the point where your loved one requires continual supervision by trained professionals, Maine Veterans’ Homes is here for you. Our dementia unit is staffed with professionals who possess the knowledge and resources to provide your loved one with caring support.

Living with Dignity

Compassion and respect are the cornerstones of our dementia care. Our staff understands that before dementia took its toll, your loved one was a strong, vibrant and capable person. We care for each resident’s individual physical and mental challenges – but we also look past their limitations – to see the mother, father, sibling or friend you’ve always known.

All of this creates an environment where your loved one receives the best care, while you get the peace of mind you need to live your own life to the fullest. We will do everything in our power to enable your loved one to live life at the highest possible levels of independence, comfort and security.


We don’t just treat the symptoms of dementia, we manage the disease with all methods available. Each day, staff members lead residents through a variety of one-on-one and group therapies to keep their minds and bodies active, including:

  • Table bowling
  • Ball and beanbag tossing
  • Stretching
  • Squeezing exercises

Keeping You Connected

At Maine Veterans’ Homes, we take great pride in establishing friendly, trusting relationships with our residents’ families. We will help you make a difficult situation a little more manageable.

There are no defined visitors’ hours at Maine Veterans’ Homes. Family members have 24-hour access to our facilities. Overnight stays in our quiet rooms can be arranged in advance. Frequent visits are encouraged in order to maintain relationships and friendships. When you are unable to visit your loved one in person, our staff will provide you with up-to-date status reports. On those days when you simply need a little assurance, a staff member is always available to talk with.