The Corporate Mission Statement for Maine Veterans’ Homes is “Caring for those who served.” We feel very strongly that our purpose and work in providing care to Maine’s veterans and family members are a special privilege and calling. The manner in which each employee of Maine Veterans’ Homes provides our service is the key to our organizational success. Understanding this, Maine Veterans’ Homes is committed to maintaining an excellent workplace where employees are valued. In turn, the organization believes employees can further the Vision of Maine Veterans’ Homes.

Our Vision

MVH is committed to being the Provider & Employer of Choice and recognizes its special role as a Veterans Advocate.

MVH is committed to being the Provider of Choice to meet the long-term healthcare needs of veterans and lend support to their families. The organization of the future will offer a complete range of long-term care and rehabilitative programs, as well as deliver that care with the best possible quality, skill, and compassion that our residents and their families deserve.

MVH also recognizes its special role as a Veterans Advocate, especially to promote and improve veterans’ long-term healthcare benefits. MVH will serve as a bridge between veterans and various organizations to facilitate access to affordable and appropriate long-term care and rehabilitative services directly or through cooperative relationships.

MVH is committed to being the Employer of Choice. We understand that the quality of services we offer to veterans is directly related to the competency and commitment of our staff. By offering a competitive compensation package, a safe and rewarding work environment, and opportunity for personal and professional growth, we will make MVH the workplace of choice.

Our Values

Every Employee of Maine Veterans’ Home takes each of the following values to heart:

  • Honesty and Integrity: First and foremost, we must always strive to do what is right and in the best interest of our residents.
  • Veterans Are Unique: We must recognize the special sacrifice that our veterans and family members have made in service to our nation and that they are most deserving of our very best efforts to meet their needs.
  • Respect: We must respect and preserve the dignity of each person — resident, family, visitor, volunteer, and employee.
  • Excellence: We must strive to attain the highest level of quality and satisfaction in delivering person-centered care with competence, compassion, and commitment.
  • Team: We must understand that only through teamwork, communication, and cooperation will we achieve our goals.
  • Lead the Way: We must continue to lead the way among the nation’s state veterans’ homes by shaping the future of long-term care and rehabilitative services.

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