Maine Veterans’ Homes Family,

 In the face of this heartbreaking ordeal, you rise up and continue to amaze with your courage, strength, and commitment to
Caring for those who served.”

During this trying and unprecedented time you exemplify the bravery of all our Veterans and define what it means to be


The following sentiments are from individuals who wanted to share their support for the residents and staff at Maine Veterans’ Homes.

President George W. Bush supports Maine Veterans' Homes
U.S. Sen. Susan Collins
Dear Friends:

I want to offer my gratitude to everyone at Maine Veterans’ Homes during this challenging time.

The tragic loss of veterans in Scarborough is heartbreaking and affects the staff and all of us who appreciate the service of our veterans and the support of their families.  The exposure of staff to the COVID-19 virus demonstrates your unflagging commitment to serve the patriots who have served our country.  Throughout Maine and across America, our hearts go out to all affected by this terrible pandemic.

Maine is home to more than 114,000 veterans.  To put that in perspective, Maine has more veterans per capita than all but one other state.  We are proud of our State’s contributions to protecting our nation.

We are also proud that Maine leads the way in caring for our veterans.   For more than 40 years, Maine Veterans’ Homes has been a vital part of our State’s commitment to our heroes.  My father, Donald Collins, a decorated World War II veteran, was cared for by the Veterans’ Home in Caribou at the end of his life, so I know firsthand the compassion and care you provide.  In the land of the free, you help ensure that there will always be a home for the brave.

You are on the front lines of a great battle. I am committed to helping provide you with the resources you need to care for our veterans safely and effectively.  Thank you for all that you’re doing, and stay safe.

Susan M. Collins

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