Before caring for patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19
MVH staff must:

Demonstrate competency in performing appropriate infection control practices and procedures.


PPE must be donned correctly before entering the unit.

PPE must remain in place and be worn correctly for the duration of work in potentially contaminated areas. PPE should not be adjusted (e.g., retying gown, adjusting respirator/facemask) during patient care.

PPE must be removed slowly and deliberately in a sequence that prevents self-contamination. A step-by-step process should be COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment.

This video from the CDC will teach you what personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used in Maine Veterans’ Homes, when, and how to use it correctly to help protect yourself and residents from COVID-19.

Donning (putting on the gear):

1.) Identify and gather the proper PPE to don. Ensure choice of gown size is correct (based on training).

2.) Perform hand hygiene using hand sanitizer.

3.) Put on isolation gown. Tie all of the ties on the gown. Assistance may be needed by another HCP.

4.) Put on NIOSH-approved N95 filtering facepiece respirator or higher (use a facemask if a respirator is not available). If the respirator has a nosepiece, it should be fitted to the nose with both hands, not bent or tented.