Rehabilitation & Therapy

Transition Home Program

When recovering from a surgery, illness or other incident, you need a customized treatment plan that provides the rehabilitative care and therapy you need to get back to daily life as quickly as possible. At Maine Veterans’ Homes, our Therapy Centers provide 24/7 skilled nursing care and advanced therapies to help you regain your independence and return home safely.

This hands-on recovery plan program helps you transition from recovery at Maine Veterans’ Homes to home. It may include:

At-home evaluation with recommendations to make a home more conducive to recovery.

  • Setting up Meals on Wheels and transportation services for appointments and outpatient therapy.
  • A therapist demonstrating at-home exercises and scheduling outpatient therapy.
  • Trained staff educating the patient and family on medication management.
  • Utilization of the Bangor location Therapy Apartment Suite to practice daily living skills and safety tips prior to going home.
  • Aquatic pool program is available as a safe complement/alternative therapy.
  • Respiratory therapy is offered at our Augusta, Bangor and Scarborough Homes.

Our team of expert healthcare professionals will work with you and your family to provide skilled instruction as well as compassionate support, motivation and inspiration. We also provide comprehensive discharge planning, which may include home assessments for modification and equipment recommendations. Family training and education are also available to help the people closest to you become even stronger sources of support in your recovery and return home.

Determining the Care You Need

“When can I go home?” is often the first question a person asks after a surgery or hospitalization. This can be a difficult question to answer, especially when the best option is a rehabilitation center first, to gain around-the-clock professional care and therapy.

A rehabilitation or therapy center will offer what is often called post-acute or transitional care. This is skilled nursing care and/or physical, speech and occupational therapies provided by experts trained in helping people recover and resume living as they had prior to a surgery, illness or other incident.

At Maine Veterans’ Homes, we offer inpatient rehab and therapies specifically for veterans at five of our locations. Our Bangor home also provides outpatient services for Veterans.

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Rehabilitation and Therapy Guide

Get everything you need to know about rehabilitation and therapy services at Maine Veterans’ Homes.