Veteran Residential Care Services | Maine Veterans' Homes

Helping you Decide — Helping Your Loved One Live Safely and Comfortably

We will provide you with all the facts about dementia and help you determine when your loved one’s condition poses a risk to their well-being. Education is the key to helping you make this difficult decision with confidence.

Gaining Understanding

Caring for a loved one suffering from dementia is a 24-hour job that no single person or family can perform. Our experienced staff will help you understand the realities of dementia so that you and your family members can be at peace with your decision.

Focusing on ‘Quality of Life’

We believe that maintaining a connection with your loved one is an essential part of effective care. Our staff will help you be there for your loved one like you’ve always been, while providing you with the freedom to care for yourself and your own needs. Getting to know and understand you and your loved one helps us provide the most personalized care and home-like environment possible.

The Social Interaction Your Loved One Needs

Our residents enjoy a variety of activities that provide the stimulation and structured environment that have proven to slow the advance of dementia.

Visits From Volunteers

Individuals from veterans’ service organizations, as well as the community at large make regular visits to our facilities. In addition to visiting with residents, volunteers also perform several services such as bingo calling and reading newspapers out loud – little things that have proven to make a big difference in the lives of our residents.

Activities and Events

Our certified activities staff is always planning a variety of enjoyable and therapeutic programs such as musical events, games, parties, special meals, religious services and organized social events. These activities frequently feature veterans-oriented themes that stimulate memories and the desire to share them with others.

Secured Courtyard

The social ‘epicenter’ of every Maine Veterans’ Home, our courtyards feature manicured gardens and well maintained flowers and plants. Complete with patio furniture, these courtyards are the site of many concerts and barbecues and provide the perfect place to chat with friends or pursue hobbies of all kinds.

The Services Your Loved One Requires

In addition to taking care of all your loved one’s daily housekeeping needs, we also provide the following essential services for a safe, healthy and dignified experience at our facility:

Homestyle Dining Services

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily in our comfortable dining rooms. Our dietary staff coordinates the selection of all menu items to ensure nutritional value and compliance with any unique dietary needs.

Medication Assistance

This critical task is managed by a team of healthcare professionals to ensure any prescription medication program is followed.


Staff supervision in thoughtfully designed, secure living areas help prevent slip and fall accidents that people suffering from dementia are often at risk for. Your loved one will also have the added security of on-site, 24-hour personal assistance.