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Find all of our resources for veterans here. You’ll get information on Maine Veterans’ Homes benefits, tips for planning therapy and rehabilitation, and help with obtaining important paperwork like your DD Form 214.

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Eligibility and Benefits Guide

Get everything you need to see if you’re eligible to live at Maine Veterans’ Homes in this guide.

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Rehabilitation & Therapy Guide to Admission and Benefits

What rehab services are offered at MVH, and who’s eligible to receive them? Learn more about our rehabilitation and therapy services at Maine Veterans’ Homes in this free guide.

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Rehab to Home Guide

If you’re planning a surgery and wondering about the best way to recover afterward, our Rehab to Home guide can help. Get a post-surgery recovery plan together and achieve the best possible outcome after you have surgery or need recovery time at a rehabilitation center.

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Find valuable information and tips on our blog, including answers to questions like:

  • Do veterans get free nursing home care?
  • What is long-term care really like at MVH?
  • How can I help care for a loved one?
  • The Holidays: My Loved One Has Dementia

    When a loved one has dementia, there’s often a question about how the holidays should be handled. Do you continue to engage in longstanding family traditions, and what if Mom or Dad has no […]

  • World War II Veteran Leaves Legacy of Love

    Guy Walter Dudley Jr. could light up a room with his smile. He had a gift for humor that was unparalleled, but could never forget the weight that World War II caused.

  • Desire to Serve Leads to 26-Year Career in Air Force

    Harry Pearce: husband, father, retired Air Force colonel, and consummate people person. “He’s incredibly generous and just loves people,” says his wife of 56 years, Sally Pearce.

Maine Veterans’ Homes Videos

Learn more MVH by watching the videos below addressing some of our most frequent questions.

What are Maine Veterans’ Homes?

What Makes MVH so Unique?

What Makes MVH Feel Like Home?

What Makes MVH More Than a Nursing Home?

What Does it Mean That We Are Independent?

What Makes MVH More Than a Nursing Home?

What Does it Mean That We Are Independent?

See more videos from Maine Veterans’ Homes on our YouTube channel.

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