MVH Augusta Opening Events

Volunteer Opportunities

As we get closer to opening the new Maine Veterans’ Homes – Augusta location, we’re excited to offer volunteer opportunities so you can be part of these exciting and historic opening events.

The volunteer positions needed are listed below. Even if you haven’t been involved in the new Home yet, you can still sign up for any of the roles as we will be providing training sessions on July 26 and July 27.

Volunteer Roles

Tour Guides: In this role you will escort folks from the Community Center over to the Home’s “Main Street,” a model Home, and therapy suite, providing facts to tour-goers. You will be given a packet of information that contains all of the information you will need to know and training will be provided.

Registration Greeters: You will be one of the first people visitors to the new Home will see and meet! Get folks registered and educate them about some of the featured events of the afternoon or evening.

Parking Assistance: The campus of the new MVH Augusta can be confusing at first and visitors will appreciate having you there to point them in the right direction.

Subject Matter Experts: In this role, you will be placed throughout the Home (in resident rooms, kitchens, and more) to point out the interesting and innovative details of the new MVH Augusta.

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