scarborough veterans family bbqBelow you will find information on the most common gift types, guidance on how to make your gift and how it will be used to benefit Maine Veterans and their families.   For questions about the many ways to support MVH, please contact Josh Scroggins in the Development Office at 207-356-8213 or via email at

Checks & Cash:

Checks and Cash are the most common gifts we receive.   Gifts can be mailed or brought to our homes or our central office.  When mailing a check, please use our Gift Form to let us know how you would like us to use your gift and mail the form to Maine Veterans’ Homes, 460 Civic Center Drive, Augusta, ME  04330

Credit Card Gifts:

Credit Card Gifts can be made online or at one of our locations.  Donors can elect to make their gift as one-time gifts or become part of our monthly caring clubs and make reoccurring gifts.   Gifts made online will be processed by the MVH online merchant account and will be shown as a gift to Maine Veterans’ Homes.  If making your credit card donation via the mail, please use the Charitable Donation Form to let us know how you would like us to use your gift and mail the form to Maine Veterans’ Homes, 460 Civic Center Drive, Augusta, ME

Gifts of Stocks & Bonds:

As the value of these gifts can fluctuate daily, we recommend you contact Josh Scroggins in the Development Office at 207-356-8213 or via email at to help assist you with this donation when you are ready. 

Gifts-In-Kind (< $500 in value):

A gift-in-kind in this category is a non-­monetary gift such as DVDs, magazines, or books for our resident’s use.   Like all other gift types, gifts can be made to the central office or to a home, but not to an individual employee.   While we will accept all gifts we feel will be of benefit to our residents, we cannot promise to keep them forever.   Most gifts in this category will become worn and will eventually need to be discarded.  Occasionally gifts in this category may be shared with another MVH Home, or disposed of if they are no longer needed at the home they were donated to.  Please use a Gift-In-Kind Form when making a gift of this kind so we know where you would like your gift to be used.

Gifts-In-Kind (> $500 in value):

A gift in kind in this category is a non-monetary gift such as rare artwork and books, coin and stamp collections, musical instruments, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Gifts of $500 to $4,999 may be approved by the Home Administrator or the Director of Development to assure they can be used in the method intended by the donor.   A Gift Agreement for gifts in this level will be drawn up to address restrictions, recognition, and future disposition if that should be deemed necessary.   Gifts-­‐In-­‐Kind with a value exceeding $5,000 may only be approved by the CEO and once approved will be recorded on MVH’s financial records at the appraised value.  The donor is responsible for providing a copy of the qualified written appraisal in accordance with IRS regulations in order to substantiate the fair market value of the goods donated.


Bequests are gifts left to MVH through the donor’s last will and If you would like to support MVH in your will, please see a professional to establish a will. If your will is up to date and you would like to add MVH to it, you may add a codicil to your will naming MVH as a beneficiary.

Matching Gifts:

Matching Gifts are gifts received from an individual’s employer, or the employer’s foundation that are generated as a result of an employee’s donation to MVH. If your employer has a matching gift program, and you need assistance applying for a matching gift please contact the Development Office.

Gifts of Real Estate:

Gifts of Real Estate represent inherent complexities and risks, however MVH will consider and evaluate all offers for real estate gifts. Close attention will be paid to fully understand the environmental liability risks and marketability risks and any possible costs of holding real estate for future use or during a sale period. Before accepting a gift of real estate, the donor will need to submit our Real Estate Checklist.   In general, gifts of real estate will be sold as soon as possible and the funds will be used in accordance with the donor’s wishes.  Possible exposure to environmental liability and possible challenges in marketing the property might be reasons to not accept a gift and MVH retains the right to refuse a gift during negotiations without incurring cost or liability.   Any sale occurring within three years of the date of gift will be reported to the IRS on IRS Form 8282 as required by law.

Gifts of Life Insurance Policies:

Gifts of Life Insurance Policies may be accepted as long as MVH is named as owner and beneficiary of the policy. Life insurance policies may be fully paid, be in a state of “vanishing premiums” or be in a state where annual premiums are due. If premiums are due, the donor may deduct for income tax purposes each year the amount of the premium paid. MVH prefers that MVH pay the premiums with the donor making a gift to MVH in the amount of the premium. MVH may also choose whether to continue making premium payments, with offsetting gifts from the donor, or to surrender a policy for the cash value.   The funds from the policy, whether realized at the time of the donor’s death, or at the time the policy is surrendered for the cash value can be directed by the donor for use by the home of their choice to benefit the unit or program of their choice.

Restricting Your Gift:

Regardless of gift type, MVH respects the rights of donors to direct and Restrict Their Gifts to a particular home, unit, department, or program.   Sometimes a donor will indicate which home they would like to support, but not how they would like the Home to use the gift.  Please see the attached for ways to Restrict Your Gift.  In the event a donor doesn’t provide guidance beyond which home they would like the funds used at, we have established the following:

Gifts of up to $1,000 will be directed to the Resident Activities Fund at that home.

Gifts over $1,000 will have the first $1,000 directed to the Resident Activities Fund and the remainder of the gift will be used for the home’s greatest need.  Greatest need will be determined by reviewing the home’s current development wish list as well as capital project list.

Which home would you like your gift to be directed to:

Augusta   Bangor   Caribou   Machias   Scarborough   South Paris

In Lieu of Flowers

When preparing a tribute for the newspaper, please consider a message such as in lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Maine Veterans’ Homes. Please include the home of your choice in the message and our website

For more information about the homes, including the address and contact information for the home’s administrator, please see the Locations tab above.