Apply for Veteran Care | Maine Veterans' Homes

If you’d prefer to fill out a paper application, you can download the Application for Admission.

  • Applicant Information

  • Desired Level of Care

  • If the Applicant is a Veteran:

  • If the Applicant is a Spouse, Widow/Widower, or Gold Star Parent

  • Applicant's Contact Information

  • Name and Address of Responsible Person to Contact

  • Applicant's Primary Care Physician Information

  • Payment Source (check all that apply)

  • Have you seen or heard Maine Veterans' Homes advertising?

  • How did you first learn about Maine Veterans' Homes?

  • Reasons You Selected Maine Veterans' Homes

  • In addition to the application on this page, we will also need copies of the Veteran's military discharge papers (DD-214) as they are required prior to admission.