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Maine Veterans’ Homes, an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to serving Maine’s Veterans and their families, offers care that’s unrivaled. The MVH mission statement, “caring for those who served,” drives us to provide exceptional care and comfort to approximately 600 Veterans daily, their spouses and Gold Star parents in our six Homes across Maine.

A Maine Veterans' Homes - Bangor residents enjoys a barbecue

Championing Maine Veterans


Maine Veterans’ Homes relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations to help us supplement the engaging range of activities and programs that not only support the health of our residents but also cultivates their enjoyment. Our certified activities staff eagerly plan programs residents liked to take part in before becoming part of the MVH family while introducing them to newfound hobbies and passions. From painting and art to musical events, games, and fun and functional exercise equipment, we provide a wide variety of activities for our residents.

That is why unless designated otherwise, we have selected our Resident Activities Funds to be the recipients of all community fundraisers. If you prefer that your donation benefit a specific area of the Home, a unique project, or a particular event, please let us know in your fundraising application.

★ Maine Veterans’ Homes cared for more than 1,500 people last year ★

Veterans comprised more than 85 percent of all those we served last year.

Steps to Holding a Successful Fundraiser

  • Register your intent to hold a fundraiser for Maine Veterans’ Homes by filling out an Authorized Fundraising Event Form.
  • Determine the amount of help you will need for your event and, if necessary, form a planning committee to help answer the Who, What, When, Where and Why of the event to execute planning details. What is your fundraising goal? Where should this event be held? Do you need to secure special permits to hold this event?
  • Look for sponsorships from businesses and other organizations for all aspects of your fundraiser so that all proceeds will go directly to Maine Veterans’ Homes. Our Development Office can provide you with a letter in support of the event that can be distributed to potential sponsors.
  • Promote and publicize the event. Maine Veterans’ Homes can assist with creating promotional materials and promoting the event on our social media platforms. We can also assist with distributing information to local media.
  • Don’t forget to thank individuals and groups who helped you with your fundraiser. Keep a record of names and addresses of those who donated time, money or items to make your event successful. The Development Office will provide you with forms so your supporters can be thanked from us, and provide receipts for tax purposes.

Ideas to Help you Fundraise

We have loads of ideas when it comes to how the community can support our Veterans. From youth to individuals to businesses, check out some of our top suggestions:

Image of the Maine Veterans' Homes Community Fundraising Guide
  • Bottle Drive: This event can start right at home and grow throughout the neighborhood or community. You can even check with your local redemption center to see if they will allow you to put up a box for cans and bottles to be donated to Maine Veterans’ Homes.
  • A Block of Bucks: An average city block is 264 feet. If you collected enough $1 bills to be laid end-to-end to stretch out to a block, you will have raised $516. This works well at an event with a large crowd, or at a series of events where people can bring a dollar or two each time.
  • Book Sale: Ask individuals to donate books in fair shape and hold a book sale to benefit Maine Veterans’ Homes. You could even check with your local library to see if it will allow you to hold your book sale there.
  • Personal, Store Canisters, Jars or Boxes: Containers may be obtained for larger events such as fairs, where visitors can drop spare change or dollars into a box, all to benefit Veterans.
  • Go Casual For Those Who Served: Ask staff at your place of employment to pay a nominal fee (usually $3 to $5) to be able to wear jeans to work for a designated day.
  • Paper Icons: You often see these at grocery stores or gas stations; customers pay $1 and sign an icon that the store hangs in a prominent location.

There are a variety of ways to give to Maine Veterans’ Homes.

For questions about supporting MVH, please email or call 207-622-0075