Maine Vererans’ Homes Pharmacies

Maine Veterans’ Homes Pharmacies FAQ’s

What you will get when you partner with MVH Pharmacies

Our client partners are at the center of everything we do. Form a partnership with a long-term care pharmacy that understands what you need and when you need it.

  • Expert, face-to-face clinical consulting from a pharmacist you’ll get to know.
  • 24/7 delivery and availability, anywhere from Kittery to Caribou, including same-day medication delivery for new admissions.
  • A robust emergency kit to keep on hand with basic medications and supplies.
  • Training and support for your staff, including advanced care such as infusion and specialty services.
  • Help with preparing for surveys and maintaining compliance.

How many deliveries a day do you offer?

We do not have a set number of deliveries per day; instead, we will provide your medications as often as you need them. That includes getting residents who may have been admitted late in the day the medications they need on time.

Where are you located?

We are located in central Maine, but we serve the entire state – everywhere from Kittery to Caribou.

What levels of care do you service?

We serve the following areas:
  • Post-acute care and skilled nursing
  • Transitional care and medication discharge planning
  • Senior living
  • Residents and families

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How often can you offer education to our staff?

Expect to receive education and training as often as you need it. We focus on clinical and regulatory training, but we can also provide infusion education and certifications.

Do you offer help preparing for surveys?

Yes, our experienced team can help you prepare for a survey and maintain compliance. We are available to meet face-to-face, at your location, whenever you need help.

How do you manage late admissions? Will I have the medications the same day?

Because we deliver as often as you need us, yes, you will have the medications the same day. We also provide a robust emergency kit that you can access if you ever need it. And we have a pharmacist on call 24/7, so our doors are always open.

Who is my consultant pharmacist? What will they do for us?

You will meet your consultant pharmacist after you become a partner so you can form a personal relationship with them. Your consultant will act as your liaison to the pharmacy, address your concerns and help you maintain best practices. We will also help you stay in compliance and prepare for surveys.

Is your billing department local?

Yes! You will talk to someone in our finance department. Our finance and billing office is not outsourced; it is right here in Maine and personalized for you.

We’re the only long-term care pharmacy in Maine that’s affiliated with a nursing home, so we understand your needs inside and out.

“The money we spend with MVH Pharmacies has been well worth the return on investment. We know every one of them by name, and they’ve given us their personal phone numbers. I couldn’t ask for a better relationship—MVH Pharmacies get a 10 out of 10 from me in terms of what they have been able to provide us.”
Paul Arbour
Executive Director Dirigo Pines