Long Term Care For Veterans

Providing compassionate care to those who served

From the day you move into one of our skilled nursing facilities, we are committed to providing the compassionate care and respect that you deserve. Our approach to individualized care for Veterans is what makes us stand out from other long term care providers.

At Maine Veterans’ Homes, we understand and appreciate the physical, mental and emotional strength required to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. We know the obstacles many Veterans may face. We were established to care exclusively for Veterans and their eligible family members. At least 75 percent of our residents at each of our six locations are Veterans.

Specialized, Skilled Nursing Care

Our staff members are highly trained to look after the health and physical well-being of our residents, along with providing for their emotional needs.

We are proud that many of our staff are Veterans themselves. We know that, more than most, Veterans have stories to tell and sometimes painful memories they’ll only share with somebody who’s been there. At Maine Veterans’ Homes, no one is ever too busy to listen.

Learn More About Long Term Care at MVH

Maine Veterans' Homes residents go for ice cream

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Resident chats with a visitor on a bench outside the Home.

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Activities & Programs

Our certified activities staff make sure our residents are having fun or feeling enriched. We also strive to provide our residents with Veteran programs not found anywhere else.

Activities may include:

  • Patriotic celebrations, especially on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Flag Day and Veterans Day
  • Musical events, games and parties
  • Themed meals with lots of goodies and entertainment
  • Animal therapy
  • Religious services

How do I know if long term care is the right move?

This is often a difficult decision for a family. At Maine Veterans’ Homes, our staff can help you access the situation and explore your options. Start by understanding what the typical signs are for when a loved one needs long term care.

Signs it may be time

  • Your loved one requires more medical attention throughout the day and possibly 24/7 medical attention.
  • He or she is not getting around as freely. Have you noticed your loved one is no longer getting the mail in, picking up the house or going out for activities he or she once looked forward to?
  • Weight loss from skipping meals, not having food in the house, no longer wanting to cook or unable to cook.
  • Hygiene concerns.
  • Medication concerns.
  • Specialists care that is difficult to align at home.

Our Volunteers

At each of our nursing homes, we have a very active base of volunteers. Individuals from Veterans’ service organizations and the community at large make regular visits, call out bingo, read to residents, and provide those little things that make a big difference.

End-of-Life Comfort & Pain Management

Maine Veterans’ Homes realizes that sometimes the goal is not to cure illnesses but rather to provide comfort to terminally ill residents. Our staff has specialized training in end-of-life care and pain management to meet the needs of each resident and support their families.

  • Specialized end-of-life and pain management care
  • Psychological, social and spiritual support for residents and their family and friends
  • Expert partners through the Maine Hospice Council and the Hospice Veterans Partnerships of Maine

While we generally encourage families and Veterans to get to know us and visit any or all of our locations, but COVID-19 is preventing us from holding tours at this time. Please visit our location pages for virtual tours and contact one of our Admissions Representatives to learn more about our Homes.