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A Home For Heroes


We are passionate about providing the highest level of care to our residents and creating one of the best workplaces in Maine. Our new Augusta location offers a home setting for Veterans, their spouses, and Gold Star parents while providing an environment for staff that’s incomparable. 

Come for a tour and interview and potentially leave with an offer* to start your new career.

*Employment offers will be conditional and require reference and background checks.


From Traditional

When we opened Maine Veterans’ Homes – Augusta nearly 40 years ago, it was designed like many of the nursing homes of the day. Semi-private rooms were considered a current feature that provided a level of privacy that wasn’t standard in all nursing homes. The design was very functional and included long hallways that also served to store equipment. Additionally, large nurses stations on each unit were the norm. In 1983, it filled an important need – a long-term care facility where Veterans could be cared for by staff who understood the unique needs of a person who served their country.

Today, however, the traditional long-term model of care can feel outdated to both residents and staff. It also lacks the freedom of choice our service members fought to preserve. As decades have passed, what is now defined as “modern,” is vastly different. Our new Home takes that into consideration and provides a contemporary environment where staff will feel privileged to provide the best care possible for our residents.

MVH Augusta before new home
MVH Augusta New Home bedroom, outside rendering

To Transformational

In the Small House Model of Care, there is more flexibility for the way you will care for our residents, and those we serve are at the center of all care plans and decisions. Residents in each household communicate with their team of staff to decide what time they will wake in the morning, what meals will be served, and in what activities they choose to participate.

This progressive way of caring for our Veterans includes 138 private rooms divided into household communities of about 12 individuals. Features include wireless internet access, flat screen TVs, wireless call systems, electronic medical records, the elimination of medications carts, and much more. Each household will feature a comfortable living room, dining room, den, fireplace and large kitchen.

Floorplans are open and eliminate long hallways as every room opens up to a common space, promoting connectivity and community with your co-workers and the residents you care for. All finishes will be warm and residential and look more like a home setting rather than your traditional nursing facility.

Deeper Resident Connections

In each household, you will work alongside a team of multi-skilled staff that will help create an environment that encourages residents to be even active participants in their lifestyle choices, care, and treatments. This form of care results in a higher quality of life for our residents and greater job satisfaction for our employees.

In fact, designated care teams for each Home will result in deeper interactions with residents – a way of life that’s great for both staff and those they care for.

Additionally, studies have found that residents cared for in the Small House Model have a reduced need for the use of medications, have increased appetites, experience improved physical condition, and have a higher satisfaction level and overall well-being.

Our Veterans and Staff Are Worth It

This project is the largest undertaking in MVH in history. We hope you agree that our Veterans are worth it and that this innovative project will inspire you be part of the team that will provide exceptional care in this state-of-the-art Home. It features >>>

138 private rooms with personal bathrooms and modern amenities

12 households appointed with comfortable common areas

179,000-square-foot property on wooded 58 acres, located conveniently off I-95

A Community Center with bistro, bank, children’s center, theater, Veterans’ Club, barber shop, therapeutic gym, aquatic therapy pool, and more

MVH Augusta New Home, all private rooms